We have not previously met, but I would like to arrange to see you. Do you see new clients?

I am flattered that you have asked and are considering making plans to meet me. I do love to meet new people and am excited by the opportunity.

I enjoy meeting gentlemen who are respectful and well groomed, and of course security + discretion (both yours and mine) are very important. Those wishing to meet me for the first time can facilitate the arrangements by participating in an initial screening process. If you are registered with any of the popular review boards, please provide me with your "handle". You may alternately provide me with a reference from another well reviewed SP whom you have met.

I am very selective about the company that I keep and my clients appreciate that. Please respect my right to decline requests due to  schedule conflicts or a perceived lack of compatibility.

Please contact me by any of the methods detailed on my CONNECT page and we can get our adventure started.

What does "Elite Companion" mean to you?


I believe that an Elite Companion displays character, integrity and honesty. That paired with the ability to present oneself with grace and style, both in public and in private. Addressing any situation with tact and class and reflecting well when accompanying others. All without pretense or ever having another feel they are any less valuable.

Can you provide more details about the services you provide?


​I pride myself on providing a clean, safe environment in which we can enjoy our time together. The details of our encounter are up to your imagination since I don't discuss specifics. Please don't insult either of us by asking if I offer any specific services. I ask that you not treat this as a fast food restaurant where you order from a menu.

How do you prefer donations be provided?

I enjoy the experience of welcoming you warmly so please provide the donation to me in a way that is comfortable to you before we begin. I am very open and easy about this, but please do not cause me to be uncomfortable by making me ask for the donation. Many gentlemen opt to provide the donation in a non-sealed envelope, and just leave it on the table at the beginning of our time together.

Why do you perform this type of work?

I honestly love this line of work and I have been fortunate enough to meet some truly wonderful gentlemen. Some of my best conversations, learning and lifetime experiences have been with my gentlemen friends.

Additionally I believe that genuine connection, intimacy and sensuality are integral to optimal health. I love to provide a safe environment of pure acceptance where you are free to allow all aspects of yourself to shine without fear of judgement, shame or fear.

Do you see men of all ages?

There are three things in life that only get finer with age. Wine, Whiskey, and Gentlemen! I would never pass judgment on any person for their age, race or appearance. I have found that my closest bonds have been made with wonderful, kind, caring gentlemen blessed with experience & wisdom. After all, it is only a number and we are the age we feel!

Those who are 35+ years of age are always welcome. I am very happy to have some gentlemen who are well past "middle age" as regular clients.

Do you smoke?

I am a non-smoker and do not participate in the use of drugs.

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